Tracks: Wild Smiles - Never Wanted This

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Wild Smiles follow up previous track "Fool For You" with the more Nirvana than Beach Boys, "Never Wanted This".


The Winchester trio have stepped things up a notch or two since the turn of the year and offer up a slightly more polished and more Nirvana sounding track, "Never Wanted This".

The track flips things on it's head from past track "Fool For You" which, although was typical Wild Smiles, had a fairly nice sound in comparison to the grittier edge displayed here. The track, like the snotty kid commenting says, has some very "Needle In The Hay" sounding verses and some souped up Nirvana-esque choruses. Keep it up lads!

"Never Wanted This" will feature on Wild Smiles' upcoming LP, Always Tomorrow, which is set for release though Sunday Best on September 27th - grab a pre-order.