Tracks: Woods - Tambourine Light

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Woods unveil a new 7" featuring non-With Light and With Love tracks "Tambourine Light" & "Tomorrow's Only Yesterday".


As if the release of With Light and With Love wasn't packed with enough outrageous tracks, the band have now unveiled plans for a new accompanying 7" to feature two of their non-album tracks, "Tambourine Light" and "Tomorrow's Only Yesterday".

Both tracks were recorded back in the summer of 2013 and so far we've only got "Tambourine Light" to offer you, but we're sure it's B-side will be available to stream sooner or later. The track is typical of With Light and With Love and it must have only missed the cut by a shave, which is obviously why the band have decided to offer it up as a companion 7" for the album.

You can grab a copy of Woods' "Tambourine Light"/"Tomorrow's Only Yesterday" from here.