Introducing: Sunni Colón - Voyage/Lightyears

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Singer/songwriter Sunni Colón releases latest demo for "Voyage/Lightyears".


Regular readers will know that it's very rare to catch even a trace of R&B on 1FTP, because truthfully, 9/10 is garbage. However, joining the likes of Frank Ocean and James Fautelroy - Sunni Colón is definitely an exception to this rule.

Admittedly, we're a bit late to the party with this one given that the track was posted on Colón's Soundcloud two months ago, but it's impossible to ignore even if you don't particularly enjoy this type of thing. "Voyage/Lightyears" is sublime and there's some outstanding production value that immediately nods towards Frank Ocean's Nostalgia/Ultra.

The track is listed below along with another, "Temple", because we think that one is definitely worth your attention too, despite the fact it's a little older.