Tracks: Wakes - Sidewalk Cracks

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Tim Oxton's Wakes project unveils "Sidewalk Cracks" ahead of his debut Feral Youth LP.


It was around this time last month that we first introduced Tim Oxton's new project, Wakes, and his first track "Headlights", now, a month on, we're bringing another track from his upcoming Feral Youth LP, in the shape of "Sidewalk Cracks".

Musically, sounding significantly less like The Drums than on "Highlights", Wakes proves that although smothered and pasted in sun drenched haziness, he has more than a tad to offer than straight up surf-pop. "Sidewalk Cracks" utilises Oxton's reverberating vocals to great effect, melding well with the haunting organ drones and sounding as close to surf-blues as is probably possible.

Looking forward to the release of Feral Youth on June 2nd - very much so. Grab a pre-order of the LP, out on Shape Records, here.