Video: Shunkan - Dust In Your Eyes

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Following the re-sale of Shunkan's sold out debut Honey, Milk and Blood EP, watch a new video for standout "Dust In Your Eyes".


It's always a good thing for a new artist's debut to sell so brilliantly well and it's an even better achievement when it can go on re-sale and continue to sell like hot cakes. Now we can see the first bit of visuals for Marina Sakimoto's "Dust In Your Eyes".

Here's a snippet of what we originally had to say on the Certified Debut Track:
""Dust In Your Eyes" sounds like a perfect mix of flamboyant Karen O vocals, Foals like poly-rhythms, floating Wild Beast-ian vibes and My Bloody Valentine's droning reverb. Now THAT, is a mixture if ever I've heard one." (Read More)
Grab a copy of Shunkan's debut Honey, Milk and Blood EP here and watch the video below.