CT14 #8: Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile

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London four-piece Wolf Alice return with "Moaning Lisa Smile", from their upcoming EP, Creature Songs


This whole boring "lack of" "guitar music" debate, that seems to stretch the full length of time will probably never go away but we, and you, know it's all about where you look. In the case of Wolf Alice and going by their new track "Moaning Lisa Smile" - you won't have to look very far soon.

"Moaning Lisa Smile" is a power hungry, driving track with little to no regard for anything that may stand in it's way. Ellie Roswell's initially mellow vocals only serve as the calm before the storm, just hold on for the heaviest jangle-pop guitar riff we've heard in yonks - heaven.

Wolf Alice's upcoming EP, Creature Songs will be out May 26th through Dirty Hit Records.