Tracks: Goodbye Chanel - Hollow Me

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Leeds' Goodbye Chanel unveil "Hollow Me" the second track to come from their Hot City Nights EP.


Following Goodbye Chanel's outrageously feel good summer anthem "Foreva" was never going to be easy, but that's a mugs game. "Hollow Me" takes a step in a slightly different, albeit still tropical jangle-pop direction.

The track possess a few slightly darker undertones than "Foreva", which was an all-round party starter from start to finish. It also demonstrates a bit more of a lo-fi styling, showcasing the bands ability to slow things down to a simmer. The track simmers along from start to finish and if "Foreva" was for the club, this is definitely for the campfire.

Goodbye Chanel's Hot City Nights EP is set for release on April 21 through Dead Young Records - grab a pre-order, here.