Introducing: Mold Boy - Someone

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Having already introduced Montréal's Alex Calder, now's time to introduce his pseudonym Mold Boy and latest track, "Someone".


Not always a huge fan of this, as it can most of the time produce garbage, but if musicians wanna have a tinker around without being to the detriment of their original act, then I'm all for it - Mold Boy too.

So to wrap this one up, Mold Boy's a pseudonym/side-project/experiment - however the f**k you wanna class it - of Alex Calder. You might know him through his previous music, or maybe his friendship with fellow Montréalite (not sure that's right) and Captured Tracks label-mate, Mac DeMarco - either way he knows how to make a sweet tune.

"Someone" fits into the sweet tune bracket - I'm already regretting saying that - strolling along at a pace of 0mph, Mold or Calder's nonchalant guitar work and vocal tones are the epitome of no-fi, and while some may deem it garbage - we deem it, truly-wonderful-slacker-rock-garbage.