Tracks: The Black Angels - Diamond Eyes

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Following last years Indigo Meadow, Austin psych-rockers The Black Angels unveil "Diamond Eyes" ahead of upcoming Clear Lake Forest EP.


Almost a year on from Indigo Meadows, the Black Angels are readying the release of their Record Store Day EP, Clear Lake Forest and "Diamond Eyes" is the first snippet.

"Diamond Eyes" comes around just as the nights are growing lighter and no doubt spells summer to a lot of over eager psych fans - us included. The track doesn't really stray from the overall Black Angels picture but when they've honed such an intrinsic sound, why would anyone want them to stray?

The bluesy psych-rock number floats along to a backdrop of uneasy and jittery guitars, continuing in the same fashion throughout. Vocalist Alex Maas sounds as poignant as ever, submerged in haze and smoothing over the feedback induced cracks.

"Diamond Eyes" is the first cut from the upcoming Record Store Day release of Clear Lake Forest. If you're unfamiliar with RSD, that means a date of April 19th. Be sure to visit your local.