Introducing: Gulp - Vast Space

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Wales x Scotland sorta-supergroup Gulp unveil latest track "Vast Space" set to feature on upcoming release, Season Sun.


My god we're a couple of years behind the game on Gulp but, let's no dwell on the past, new track "Vast Space" is a sheer beauty.

Gulp consist of members from previously popular bands, I can't really be bothered going into detail and if you care that much you'll do a bit of research on them, won't you. "Vast Space" brims with cinematic, ethereal charm; sounding like your typical route 66 driving anthem - it ticks all the boxes. Vocalist Lindsey Leven's soft and understated vocals lightly coat the tracks surging, bluesy bassline and those effervescent organ chimes, wow.

We may have missed out on Gulp till now, but we won't be making the same mistake again. "Vast Space" is set to feature on Season Sun due for release June 24th on Everloving.