Introducing: Blonde Tongues - Wedding Bells

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Add Brisbane's Blonde Tongues to the ever growing list of impressive Aussie shoegaze bands.


Maybe it's just me but Blonde Tongues' "Wedding Bells" is exactly the kind of quality I want to hear from a band's first tracks. What I don't want to hear is a band, from somewhere pretty normal, have been to Greenland or some place random as fuck like that, to record their first tracks.

Brisbane four-piece Blonde Tongues sound like they're onto something with debut "Wedding Bells". The immensely resonating track has a slight hint of dissociative identity disorder, feeling like they're fighting a battle to stay uplifting jangle-pop, shrouded in reverb, but their seriously shoegaze vocals tell a tale of a different beast - something that can't quite break free. You can feel an undertone in their music too and it's trying hard to take a peak beyond their anthemic dream-pop - maybe it's punk, maybe it's grunge, who knows, but I'm confident the band have more up their sleeve.

You can buy a copy of "Wedding Bells", which comes with other track "Kisses" over at Blonde Tongues' bandcamp page - if you're tight you can get it for free.