Tracks: Yumi Zouma - Riquelme

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In what's been a pretty prolific start to the year, Cascine's Yumi Zouma unveil fourth track from EP, "Riquelme".


It's virtually impossible to ignore Yumi Zouma (we prefer Yummy Zouma) and most regular readers will agree we make every attempt to ignore blog-fodder and judge every track for it's merits. While their silky-smooth synths and oh-so-innocent vocals are proving a huge success with most hype blogs, "Riquelme" is no such blog-fodder and it's got us pinned.

Something tells us "Riquelme" is obviously NOT named after the famous, well not that famous, Brazilian footballer - something also tells me we're not the only ones to have used that cheese-ball.

"Riquelme" floats in on an air of haze and it's there to stay, then hitting us with the hushed and effortless vocals we're slowly becoming accustomed to. That's not it though, the percussion starts to progressively ramp up in what ends up being a massive tease, as the track returns back to it's hushed beginnings and so forth. "Riquelme" is utterly sublime.

Yumi Zouma's debut EP is out on February 11th and if you we're hoping for a copy on vinyl, you're going to be hard-pressed - unless your in the US or Canada and in that case, head over to Cascine quick!