Introducing: Tense Men - RNRFON

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London trio form supergroup Tense Men and release debut robotic single "RNRFON".


As sick as it makes me to use the term supergroup, Tense Men are just that; comprising of members from Cold Pumas, Sauna Youth and Omi Palone. It's difficult to put your finger on just what exactly "RNRFON" by the band compares to though.

Had Devo managed to recruit Ian Curtis at some point, then as bizarre as that may sound, you could be getting somewhere closer to the mark. "RNRFON" is an intense baseline-driven track with scratchy sparks of guitar knitted in for good measure. If ever you find yourself walking somewhere with distinct purpose - this is the material you want on the way.

On March 10th, the band release their mini LP, Where Dull Care Is Forgotten via Faux Discx and you can pre-order here. In the meantime, listen to "RNRFON" below.