Introducing/Cover: Tears and Marble - What Is Love (Haddaway Cover)

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Dutch duo Tears and Marble unveil a scarily good cover of Haddaway's 1993 not-so-classic "What Is Love".


Maybe you're seeing a new side to One For The People; y'know, a cover version and we hate covers. In the case of Tears and Marble this is no typical cover as they haven't opted for a well known commercial pop-star, in which to morph and change into what some would deem an "obscure" and ahhh fuck it "indie" track - even though they couldn't be further from those actual descriptors.

Tears and Marble instead focus their attention on the painful and quite brutal cheese of Nestor Alexander Haddaway's (Haddaway to all you 90's whoppers) 1993 one-hit-wonder, "What Is Love". If you needed a reminder, I suggest you head over to youtube via this link. For people happy to forget crimes against their ears, you can hear Tears and Marble' beauty cover below.