Tracks: Au.Ra - Spare The Thought

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Aussie / London duo Au.Ra return with new track "Spare The Thought" to be released on LebensStrasse Records


Sometimes we find ourselves thinking, 'man, they haven't brought anything out for ages' and we've had the same thoughts about Au.Ra; only it hasn't even been that long, it was only March - so is the brilliance of the duo. Tom has notably been busy producing sun-blissed bedroom pop as Sun Machine.

Au.Ra have now made "Spare The Thought" available to the world and it's far more space-age than it's driving predecessor "Morning"; sauntering along as if aboard a lethargic starship enterprise - it's psych-tinged and seriously catchy. As always we're already looking ahead to their next gem, but for now you can listen to "Spare The Thought" below.