Tracks: Wild Smiles - The Hill & The Sea / When Your Down (Free Download)

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Southampton trio Wild Smiles - who've now featured as out first live session video and taken part in our 3rd birthday compilation (soon to be 4th) - have unveiled the first preview of their debut album; tracks "The Hill & The Sea" and "When Your Down".

In an effort to differentiate ourselves from the most ignorant, unimaginative and sheer lazy arse-holes writing about music we like, Tame Impala are nothing like Wild Smiles; end of. Wild Smiles have a distinctly British edge that's far from laid back and even further from that Aussie ideal of psychedelic. 

Wild Smiles seem to have adopted a progressive and almost kraut rock aesthetic to their music and both "The Hill & The Sea" and "When Your Down" benefit immensely from the trios individual nature and that outrageous flute. Most definitely for fans of Hookworms.