Tracks: Laura Welsh - Undiscovered

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I'll be honest; after "Unravel" - which for me is an outstanding track - I didn't expect to be posting about Laura Welsh again, especially when previous track "Cold Front" didn't quite do it for me. That was until the other day when I listened to "Undiscovered" and I'm back where I started. Laura Welsh is quite literally my guilty pleasure, but how guilty should I even be?

"Undiscovered" see's Dev Hynes on co-writing duty this time and rather than a saucy guitar line we're hit with some seriously beefy drums. That paired with Laura's typically minimal but on-point vocals over an atmospheric and understated drone. This is a winner.

It's only a matter of time before things get commercial for Laura but let's just enjoy the short amount of time we have to champion her in our seemingly large but inevitably tiny cocoon of the blogosphere.