Introducing: Trust Fund - We'll Both Apologise

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Its taken a few weeks to get round to this but in the coming year or so, Bristol's Trust Fund are probably going to join the ever-increasing list of UK buzz-bands and their debut EP, Don't Let Them Begin will likely set the ball rolling.

For us, "We'll Both Apologise" is so far their stand out track and gives Trust Fund that little bit extra needed to stand them out from the incredibly dense crowd of other garage bands. The track twangs along in a lackadaisical fashion (I'm not doing a very good job of promoting here, I should try harder) showcasing some seriously cooky vocals that work incredibly well with the track's fairly stripped back nature. It's evoking a sense of Pixies - albeit a fairly tame one - mixed with the effortless charm and can't-take-things-serious attitude of Weezer. I'm sure there's a compliment in there somewhere but I guess - much like Trust Fund - this write-up gives off an impression of "could do better", only I can't be arsed and besides; it's great how it is.

Stream three tracks from Trust Fund's lengthy seven track Don't Let Them Begin below and you might even grasp what the hell I've been going on about.