New Music: Blouse - A Feeling Like This

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As a fan of Captured Tracks and inevitably Blouse, we we're immensely excited for the emergence of their new music; so when "No Shelter" came around in June, it came as a shock to the system that they'd dropped their murky and Gothic romanticism for a more apparent romantic edge and new track, "A Feeling Like This", only serves to solidify our thoughts that the slight change up has paid off.

Being the second track to come from their upcoming Imperium LP; Blouse build on "No Shelter" rubber stamping their dream-like euphoria with Charlie Hilton's effortless vocals. "A Feeling Like This" has some slight hints of the Gothic undertones we had come to love and is - potentially - a step back from "No Shelter", to ready themselves for the two steps forward of Imperium.

Grab a copy of Imperium on Captured Tracks as of September 17th.