New Material: FFNORDZZ - Pop Stardom EP

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This feels like an absolute age now but back in January we brought the first piece of music to come from FFNORDZZ with his "Surfer of The Apocalypse" b/w "Acid At The Beach" single; well now he's back with his debut EP Pop Stardom, available on extremely limited release.

The man behind the music now allows us the minimal information that he's actually from Plymouth, or as he professed to us, "from the f***kin sticks". The five track EP in question is a wonderful piece of DIY slacker-pop with hints of psychedelia from start to finish; if you like your music minus bullshit, straight to the point and 100% frivolous, then FFNORDZZ will be right down your street.

Head to bandcamp to grab the limited CD and if CDs aren't your thing you can offer your own price for a download.