Introducing: FFNORDZZ - Acid at The Beach

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I can't tell you anything about FFNORDZZ (formerly known as just 'FNORDS'), but maybe it's for the best considering his/their two solitary tracks, "Acid at The Beach" and "Surfer of The Apocalypse".

The band are UK based and write your typical lo-fi surf pop, but they're not as bland and done to death as you would expect. Fnords blend their sound with random schizophrenic outbursts, and at times sound like a good Klaxons. "Acid at The Beach" is a stand out track for us and shows the bands potential beyond any drug fuelled mayhem they seem insistent on purveying.

We'll keep you posted on new material as they've chosen not to post any further demos and will focus on releases from now on. For now, blast your wireless speakers to "Acid at The Beach" below, and to buy more tracks head over to their bandcamp. Hat tip to Fuzzbook.

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