Tracks: Best Friends - Happy Anniversary

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Art Is Hard are having one hell of a day today, first we bring you the new postcard club release of Yoofs' "For Her"; now we bring you, "Happy Anniversary", the new track from our favourite Sheffield surf rockers, Best Friends.

The WWF/WWE fanatics have been quiet since last year's split release with Grazes on, once again, Art Is Hard. Now they return with a pristine piece of surf rock, set to warm your hearts with it's crisp production levels and addictive guitar lines. "Happy Anniversary" bounces along with youthful energy, managing to merge Best Friends' ramshackle nature with some fairly sexy production.

Grab a copy of the double A-side "Happy Anniversary" and its partner in crime "Nosebleeds" on September 23rd but you can pre-order today. Not only that but you can purchase the frosted 7" with a free comic and you can also get a package deal with the comic and a new t-shirt.