Album Stream: King Krule - 6 Feet Beneath The Moon

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It's been a big couple of weeks for young Archy, what with "Easy Easy" & "Neptune Estate" landing online and all. The debut long player - 6 Feet Beneath The Moon - is out on August 24, but you can hear it in its entirety right now.

Already lined up to be one of the highlights of 2013, the track list goes as follows:

1. Easy Easy 
2. Border Line 
3. Has This Hit? 
4. Foreign 2 
5. Ceiling 
6. Baby Blue 
7. Cementality 
8. A Lizard State 
9. Will I Come 
10. Ocean Bed 
11. Neptune Estate 
12. The Krockadile 
13. Out Getting Ribs 
14. Bathed in Grey

Steam it below (buy from Rough Trade here), head to to check out some (live) accompanying CCTV footage while your at it.