Tracks: Jensen Sportag - Bellz

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Jensen Sportag Bellz Cascine

Jensen Sportag return with "Bellz" having spent two years - barring a few remixes - in the musical wilderness or even the actual wilderness if their Tumblr/Instagram (a must) is anything to go by.

"Bellz" leaves behind the smooth and sultry sound heard on their most recent track "Gentle Man", returning to their breakout and debut EP, Pure Wet, where things were a wee bit funkier and a hell of a lot more 80's disco/synth-pop. A noticeable difference from Pure Wet to "Bellz" is it's hard and spiky edge, bringing some added cool (like they needed it) to a party that only the Sportags can do.

No news on their new album other than it's set for release sometime this Autumn on the ever present Cascine; even more of a sign that this hot and sticky summer is set to continue into Autumn. Grab a copy of "Bellz" here.