New Music: Flash/Lights - All My Love (Free Download)

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Photo by Jason Siegel Photography

A slight switch up in names for the previously named Flashlights, who now go by Flash/Lights and to go with that we're posting Flash/Lights latest track, "All My Love", which was released on July 1.

Mainstay and brainchild, Ethan Converse has been slowly perfecting his craft since we first featured Flash/Lights as an introducing piece, back in early 2011. Now over two years on Flash/Lights has new track, "All My Love" and are looking to take thing to the next level.

"All My Love" is a typical synth-driven number, with slightly more aspect given to the vocals that previous Flashlights efforts. When the beat kicks in though, it's like a giant tropical bubble has just burst sending all sorts off different feel good vibes flitting about uncontrollably. Flash/Lights might not be the same but they certainly haven't forgot how to make a catchy balaeric synth-pop number.

Be on the look out for a few more tracks before the All My Love EP is released. Download "All My Love" for free over at Flash/Lights' Facebook.