Tracks: Psychic Twin - Unlock Yr Heart

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I feel like we're always saying this but it's the nature of new music blogging I suppose, and yes it's a growing cliche too. Erin Fein's Psychic Twin has come on leaps and bounds since their 2011 debut (bandcamp) release "I Want To Forget", and latest track "Unlock Yr Heart" shows craft and invention in equal parts.

"Unlock Yr Heart" as already pointed out on the P word, has the same infectious, thick and bubbly bass seen on some of Grimes' more popular tracks. It's a deceiving little number and someone less patient might perceive it as repetitive, only what initially could be deemed repetitive soon turns on a six pence (quickly) and builds to a crescendo of Fein's airy vocals, to a break. This is where the magic happens, losing all vocal effects as if returning from some weird outer-body experience, Fein powers out the chorus, "I gonna make you stay, make you stay!...". It's a climax that's worth the wait. 

Listen to "Unlock Yr Heart" below.