Video: Mikal Cronin - Change

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A few days late with Mikal Cronin's new video for "Change" and a few years late with Mikal Cronin, but let's not dwell on this we've got some outrageously good music on display.

Man this is an earworm! Infact the whole album is an earworm. "Change" features on Cronin's new album, MCII, his second LP and first to be released on Merge Records. I'm now going to avoid the fact he's buds with Ty Segall and focus on "Change".

The track is particularly light on fuzz and more like a power-pop, garage rock anthem, if that's at all possible. Power-pop makes it sound soft, but it's not the case that "Change" is soft, it's more a case that it's power-pop exactly how it should be had it not been destroyed by some horrendous bands over the years, that would probably be better described as cock-rock or something like that.

Watch the video for "Change" below and grab a copy of MCII from Merge.