Introducing: Gambles - Safe Side

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NYC, singer-songwriter. Jesus Christ I'm writing away and I hadn't even thought about the fact Gambles is a singer-songwriter (a bit of improv there) but he's a mighty fine singer-songwriter at that. Something which can't be said for about 95% of the others out there, and new track "Safe Side" is part of that 5%.

Realistically, Gambles, although there's a lot of terrible, bland, boring, mundane (is there anymore descriptives for them) singer-songwriters out there, hasn't got that much competition. So what stands Mr Siskin (Matthew) on the shoulders of all these failures?

One, he plays the shit out of that guitar and two, his songs are delivered in such a captivating and personal manner that it's hard not to get lost with every strum of what is most likely, his best friend in the world. Gambles has potential and has every chance of proving doubters wrong.

Stream "Safe Side" below and you can catch Gambles touring the US with our British darlings, The Maccabees.