New Stream: Drop Out Venus - Be Brave

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Sullen and love sick as ever, Drop Out Venus are back with Be Brave, a collection of tracks released through their bandcamp page.

We haven't heard anything from the band since their July release of "I Kill Foxes", which along with "Morning Star" has seen omission from this collection of tracks. The aim of the game is to raise enough money to release a 2013 debut. With this collection of tracks, lets hope it can happen.

In an effort to avoid drowning anyone in tracks, we've opted to host - for us - stand out track, "The Correct Moment of Desperation". It manages to achieve perfect peaks and troughs of melancholic delicacy and thrashy angst, an emotional roller-coaster if you will. 

Listen below and be sure to grab a copy of the full album, which you can also stream.