New Music: Local Natives - Breakers

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Apologies for the delay but we've been celebrating a birthday. Local Natives are back with "Breakers", the first new track to come from their upcoming Hummingbird release.

Where does time go, it feels like yesterday when we we're last talking about the band, in fact it was two years ago. Not really a surprise considering Ryan had already told us they would take a break and re-convene in early 2011. But to be re-emerging two years on, lets just say we're all in need of some Local Native sunshine.

"Breakers" comes with plenty of that. The band haven't touched on anything new with this new track but who would want that, especially with Autumn well in force, in fact - up in the north - we may as well be calling this winter. Fans of Grizzly Bear looking for a bit more positivity and happiness should give Local Natives more of their time.

Gorilla Manor follow up, Hummingbird will be released on January 28 and 29 on Infectious and Frenchkiss respectively.