Interview: Local Natives

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(photo by Wendy Redfern)

Almost a year since Local Natives Gorilla Manor album was released, the LP's popularity shows no signs of fading anytime soon. The success of tracks like "Airplanes", "Sun Hands" & "World News" (to name but a few) has propelled the Silver Lake five piece to a whole new level completely. So, over a poor transatlantic phone line we managed to interview band member Ryan Hahn on touring, success, UK popularity & more. Read it below.

(One For The People) Hey Ryan, how's it going?

(Ryan Hahn) Hey it's going well man, we just played San Francisco last night & now we're on our
way to Portland. Touring is going great...

(1FTP) We caught you at Leeds Festival this year, how was your time in the UK this time around?

(RH) Incredible man. We've been to England now more times than I'd have ever imagined. Its like a second home! And to be doing all of this on our first record is... Well we're pretty honoured.

(1FTP) Did you have a preference when playing the Reading & Leeds gigs? Some say Leeds has a better atmosphere....

(RH) Well i think we performed better at Reading, simply because the butterflies were out of the way but I think they're pretty similar in the way that people are just there to enjoy the music and the atmosphere at both was just incredible.

(1FTP) So we've got you down for Leeds then, yeah?

(RH) (Laughs) Ahh I'm sorry man i cant make that call!

(1FTP) Moving on. Why do you guys think the UK has been so accepting of your music?

(RH) Umm, I've tried to think about that because we never imagined that we would release our album in the UK first. I guess that within the UK you have a general openness towards new bands and get an excitement to find out new music. It seems like we got welcomed with open arms when we arrived. I cant exactly say why with our band though.

"I'm not sure how this will come off but I just really feel that we've earned everything we have right now" - Ryan Hahn, Local Natives

(1FTP) With you guys being on the road so much of late, do you ever find time to come up with ideas for new material?

(RH) Well, the beauty of our band is that there is multiple song writers so people will jump on an acoustic guitar whenever we get a minute. There's a bunch of ideas and beats floating around but nothing really concrete as yet.

(1FTP) So is there a general direction you'd like to take the new stuff? 

(RH) Yeah we kind of have a loose concept in the sense that we want to push ourselves and not to rely on repeating what we did on the first record. Whatever we do we wanna step outside of our self & really progress to make a much better second album.

(1FTP) You've been touring for a while now, whats the plan for when your done? Do you have a schedule in mind?

(RH) I think we'll probably take a few weeks off to be with family & what not, but I think after the new year we're really going to buckle down and focus on the next record. Whether or not we're all going to live together I'm not quite sure yet.

(1FTP) Cool, so right now while your on the road do you have a current listening choice, someone you'd recommend?

(RH) That's a tough one, there's just so much good stuff around. But actually, we're on tour with two great bands right now, The Love Language & The Union Line, check them out...

(1FTP) Noted. And finally before we let you depart. It's nearly a year since you released Gorilla Manor, which has been so well received, you've your toured endlessly and travelled the world. Looking back at this moment in time, what do you make of it all?

(RH) Wow, it's just been incredible. We've been working so hard for so many years and I'm not sure how this will come off but I just really feel that we've earned everything we have right now. I can personally think back about how long and how hard we worked on everything, so I feel everything we have now we've earned it & I'm just happy where we are right now & I'm just trying to enjoy it.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Ryan for taking his time out to speak with us. Make sure you join us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with all things good in the world of music.

And lastly, don't forget that 'Gorilla Manor' is still available to buy here. Enjoy.