Tracks: MS MR - Candy Bar Creep Show

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In a move dubbed as the first of its kind, Tumblr loving duo MS MR are releasing their debut EP - Candy Bar Creep Show - via.... wait for it... Tumblr. Yep, that's correct - Tumblr. Each week they're unveiling a new track via the nifty widget below, with "Bones" being the first.

We already told you about delicious tones and mind fucker of "Hurricane" back in May. "Bones" is another bullish call to grab your attention with, something these girls do very well it seems. There is also a remix that accompanies each track, with this track getting the Charli XCX treatment.

Hear "Bones" below and pop to this time next week for the latest installment. 'Video', 'Pre-order' and 'Share' links are at your disposal here too.

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  1. Wow. So different, but so cool. Definitely picking it up.