Cover: Swiss Alps - Summershine (The Sea Urchins)

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Had this one on the 'catch up list' for a few days now and I must say, it really does get better with every listen. Pennsylvanian trio Swiss Alps first made their debut back in with the exquisite "Riptide Lore" & now they're back with another dose of summer filled magic in the form of "Summershine, the 1987 track from The Sea Urchins.

Blighty is a pretty down beat place at the moment, we have just experienced the wettest June on record after all. But this cover ouzes with so much gloriously lo-fi, carefree sunshine vibes that everything is now OK, even if it is raining..... again.

The original is great, but - dare we say - this is even better? Listen & download the track below.