Tracks: Best Friends - If You Think Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out

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Having seen Sheffield's Best Friends live a few times now, the one thing they do best is make people dance. They're great at it. Really. It always nice to hear new material from them too, as they have with the brilliantly titled "If You Think Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out".

Besides having one of the best song titles in recent memory, the track is yet another dose of bubbly, garage surf-pop that is overly infectiously and about as fun as an evening with Ronald McDonald (when you were six, high on birthday cake and full fat Coke).

Catch the band playing live on the following dates:

July 18 / Nation of Shopkeepers / Leeds w/ Splashh & The Black Tambourines
July 21 / Sheffield / Tramlines Festival
August 10 / Knee Deep Festival / Cornwall
August 14 / Skpiton / Beacons Festival

Listen & download "If You Think...." below.