New Music: Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

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We're pretty impartial when it comes to the acts we post, but as favourites go, George Lewis Jnr, aka Mr. Twin Shadow is one of our favourites. So yeah, good news all round today as the man himself has unveiled plans for album #2 - Confess - as well as new track "Five Seconds".

That said album is out in the UK on July 9th via the ever impressive 4AD. As the new music goes, well,  you know your not going to be disappointed. The driven, heartfelt tones are raspingly brilliant, as always. And, seeing as though the track is a free download, we'll call this track the first concrete track of the May 'Certified New' mixtape. Listen below.


  1. i found some footage of a bunch of kids from the 1980s listening to this track at their prom :)