Interview/Album Stream: Twin Shadow

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One For The People continue to bring you the best and upcoming musical talent, in all shapes and forms. This week it comes from Brooklyn's Twin Shadow.

We featured his track / video "Slow" in recent times and we think he's an example of where creativity can get you within today's modern market, it doesn't have to be all straight lines, you can go wherever you like.

Last week we had the chance to throw him a few questions and check below for the outcome:

(1FTP) Give us a brief insight into twin shadow for people who may not know....

(TS) Twin Shadow is a Ghetto Pop act from Bushwick/Brooklyn New York. George Lewis Jr (me) is the frontman and writer of the Album "Forget", which is being released in the States by Terrible Records. Twin Shadow's music is Synth VS Guitars music. Top 40 classic pop without the overhead.

(1FTP) Define your style in your own way....

(TS) Future Classic.

(1FTP) Although your not originally from Brooklyn, the place is notorious for churning out some top notch bands, do you feel any pressure or is it just a case of going with it?

(TS) I only feel the pressure that I put on myself or the band puts on each other. But I like competition and get exited when I hear a Brooklyn band that blows me away, and I want to achieve what they have and more.

(1FTP) We have seen comparisons with The Police and also Morrissey, the latter we find strange, what do you think?

(TS) I love elements of both bands, They are or have been in heavy rotation in my music listening history. I was going through a "I don't like The Police" period recently and then while mixing my record I saw Andy Summers' photo book, and I became a fan again. but, If I steal from anyone its gonna be Johnny Marr...

"'FORGET' is like toothpaste, floss, bubble gum, it's at the checkout, it's cheap (for now) and you need it" - Twin Shadow

(1FTP) What do you hope to achieve off the back of 'Forget', any plans to hit the UK?

(TS) Some bread in my pocket, many fans, many travels. Yes we will be in the UK in October... The Band IS PUMPED!

(1FTP) Was the $1 LP idea anything more than just the record companies idea, or does it have some other significance?

(TS) I think It says a good bit about the state of selling records, but it was mostly a sacrifice to get people into it early. The record will be out in late September so we wanted to give people a month to access it for cheap, so they didn't have to think too hard about it. FORGET is like toothpaste, floss, bubble gum, it's at the checkout, it's cheap (for now) and you need it.

(1FTP) We have noticed your into your your bikes and muscle cars, how did this come about?

(TS) I grew up In Sarasota County, home of the Sarasota classic car museum. This museum has some of the first cars ever made. It brought a lot of classic cars to town. My father was a big fan of cars and I use to stare at a picture of him on his BMW motorcycle looking devilish and I thought that was what life was all about. I'm not a car show freak though, I just like driving fast in a big old car.

(1FTP) Who did you look up to as a child?

(TS) Michael Jordan and Boys 2 Men

(1FTP) What are you currently listening to?

(TS) Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose

(1FTP) Fill in the blanks for us.....

(TS) Twin Shadow is kale mixed with turnip greens with a little bit of hot sauce thrown in.

Many thanks to Twin Shadow for taking the time out of his schedule to have a chat with us, we hope it will be the first of many. The bands $1 offer on their latest LP 'Forget' ends at 11pm tonight, US time, so all US fans make sure to make the most of this offer. Rest of the world, get your hands in your pockets! Be sure to Follow us via Facebook / Twitter for all the latest music news and much more. In the meantime here's the full stream of Twin Shadows LP 'Forget'...