Interview/ Album Stream: We Are Pirates - Kids Practice

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After the refreshing tastes of "Canyon" & the silky smooth, 80's inspired "Running", our favourite Brazilian wunderkids We Are Pirates have released their debut EP 'Kids Practice'.

As debuts go, 'Kids Practice' is a bold attempt to reach a sound that would take others many years to master. For a trio who's average age is 20, they have managed to surpass any minuscule expectations that may have been placed upon them.

The luscious swirls of electronica in "Underwater Dreams" are impressive, as are the fuller, more expansive aesthetics on "Pieces on The Ground". The real Pièce de résistance, however, comes with instrumental outro "Sleepy Wave". A sublime comedown from the youthful nature left before it. You know how The xx's "Intro" leaves you with a long lasting impression? Well yeah, kind of like that.

Check out our little 'introducing' interview with the guys below.

(One For The People) Hey! So, we have labeled you as 'electro-pop' before, but how would you describe We Are Pirates to a stranger?

(We Are Pirates) We like to mix organic and electronics sounds in a balanced way. We are a band who don't make party songs. We love guitars and percussion instruments in the same proportion of electronics equipments. How could we describe us? That's always an hard question! Other people can do it better.

 "We sing and play about ordinary things and feelings. It's kind of an exercise for other things which are coming" - We Are Pirates

(1FTP) Looking back on the days of the Mickey Gang, what do you feel you have learnt since then?

(WAP) We have grown up a bit since then. The best lesson definitely is: We're not good to choose a name for a band!

(1FTP) Can you tell us about 'Kids Practice' as a whole?

(WAP) 'Kids Practice' is our debut EP, very simple & made at home. We sing and play about ordinary things and feelings. It's kind of an exercise for other things which are coming. It's definitely not a big production and we didn't use the best equipment. We made it by ourselves with the stuff we had at the moment. Now we're building a better home studio to get the next tracks to the next level. 

(1FTP) At this moment, what five songs could you not live without?

1. Yuck - Get Away 

2. Real Estate - Easy

3. Small Black - New Chain

4. Sigúr Ros - Hoppipolla

5. The Radio Dept. - Pet Grief

(1FTP) What are your hopes for We Are Pirates in the future? Or is it just about making fun records at the moment?

(WAP) Yes, at the moment it's just for fun. We work and study the whole week but it would be AMAZING to travel and play elsewhere. We're just going to keep on working!

Go show them some love on Facebook. Listen & download the whole EP (for free) below.