New Music: French Kissing - I Want More

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London's French Kissing have surfaced from their two year slumber to bring us "I Want More".

A little white lie there but to the majority It's new. "I Want More" arrives in much the same vein as the Jerry Tropicano work we featured a few days ago.

Raising the question, why are we hearing so much from "journalists" about the lack of quality guitar music?

As bloggers (not journalists apparently) we hear quality each and every day, yet to the "real" journalists, who can't see further than their nose (nose being radio), we're lacking.

From what I can see, we're in the midst of a surf and psych rock revival, surely proving there's more to life than the Oasis sound-a-likes what "mainstream" so desperately yearns for.

Stream "I Want More" below and keep an eye out for French Kissing's March 19 release of "Wild Women/Love is For" on Croque Macadam.