New Artist: Wanderlings - Swingin'

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Nottingham is a city that should probably be featured more on the 1FTP pages. Childhood being the only guys who spring to mind. Fear not though, Notts natives, newcomers Wanderlings get get their chance to shine today.

After testing the water last summer by the name of Infinity Hertz, the band are back refreshed under the new moniker of Wanderlings (no The, though). Maybe the change of name has come with a different approach to music making, I'm not really sure. But in "Swingin'" the band at least have a pivotal place to grow from. Lyrics like "Swingin' like a wrecking ball" do in fact relate to the tracks effortlessly breezy, sun kissed aura. So with the dark nights gradually turning into welcome daylight, this is something that you could - and should - happily drift away to over the coming months.

Watch the randomly entertaining video below and be on the look out for more soon.