New Artist: True Gold - Undulate

17:19:00 Unknown 1 Comments

We're seeing a bit of a Philadelphia resurgence of late, but then again we're British, so I could be fairly off the mark with that assumption. Anyway, True Gold's track, "Undulate" is what you could call, a nice fusion of grunge, psychedelia and shoegaze.

On first listen your going to think I'm barmy describing it as that. I can hear it now, "It's not grunge this! It's lo-fi, dream pop".

It starts like the sort of stuff which you see a lot on One For The People but don't be fooled, it turns into a much more solid and ironed out grunge track.

Everything I've described so far is the kind of stuff that I can appreciate and I'm sure a lot more will agree with me.

Keep an eye out for their split with Acid Kicks through Phonographic Arts. Listen to "Undulate" below.