New Artist: Fever Blanket - You & The Things You Do

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Sometimes you just don't tire of a genre. No matter how many seem to try their hand at it. Hats off then to Indianapolis four piece Fever Blanket, who have created a beautiful surf rock-esque track with their debut "You & The Things You Do".

From the opening chords you know exactly who this is going to be filed next to, and for us that's absolutely fine. The delicate nature of anything Wild Nothing produces seems safe for starters. The Drums' twanging surf-pop influences too, and then no doubt Beach Fossils and Californian newcomers Surf Club as well. In fact, it's almost like a heartfelt, real ear pleasing mix of all of them.  

Head over here to check out the bands recent four track EP, stream & download "You & The Things You Do" below.