Introducing: Chelsea Burgin - Mad Man

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Admittedly, female solo artists aren't exactly our strong point, barring Kyla La Grange and Claire Grimes Boucher. So naturally it came as a surprise to me, when I found myself enjoying the husky vocals and mellowed out vibes of Chelsea Burgin.

Chelsea is from Toledo, Ohio and now lives in Columbus. She creates some seriously sexy slow burners with aid of one of the most seductively husky voices I've heard in a long time. That's to put it simply, because she possesses a whole lot more than that.

"Mad Man" is her latest effort and although it won't be tearing roofs off anytime soon, Chelsea knows to stick with what she does best. She's got an effortless knack of creating the most delicate and smooth sounding tracks. They would probably relax even the most stressed of people, I would know.

Another stand out track of hers is "No Love", this time we get to see a bit more energy and a different side to Chelsea's craft. She can obviously hold her own on a variety of levels and personally, I think the fact that we have a track infused with guitars just goes to show there's a potential for progression.

Listen to the pair below and be sure to head on over to Soundcloud to check out her other work. We'll be sure to have one eye on this talented ladies next steps.