Tracks: Kyla La Grange - Heavy Stone

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It's official, I've got a new crush. Kyla La Grange is all set to release her new single "Heavy Stone" next month and she now has a new video to accompany it.

We've already featured Kyla's previous single "Been Better" and although we try to post as much of every musical styling we possibly can, folk is generally our whipping boy. Finding a track we feel fits the bill is tough but like we said back in June, with "Been Better", Kyla manages to chop and churn the styling into something that boasts a lot more energy and feel than anything I've heard in a long time.

"Heavy Stone" see's Kyla's trademark sultry and smokey vocals accompany a, full blooded and tempestuous piece of classic folk rock that leaves you with a wanton need for more. Luckily, after a heavy dose of that in previous single "Been Better", we've all been treated to more of the same with this new single. People need to forget all this Lana Del Rey hype, we have the real deal here in Kyla La Grange.

"Heavy Stone" is out on October 17 through Chess Club Records, you can pre-order the single, which will be accompanied by "Lambs" as a b side, over at Rough Trade. Kyla's debut LP is expected for release early next year. Watch the video below.

"Please don't hold me in your soul like a heavy stone, I am carrying my cold heart home"