New Single: Tennis - Origins

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Tennis have announced new single "Origins" which will be followed by new album, Young & Old, produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys.

"Origins" is Tennis down to a tee, everything you would expect to hear after listening to their debut long player, Cape Dory. So is that a plus or should we be getting bored?

It's actually really hard to get bored of Patrick and Alaina, stylistically and musically. Everyone definitely has their - what we now call - 'Tennis moments', which would quintessentially be chilling out and reverting to a state of youthful freedom.

With the added fact the duo have Patrick Carney on board for Young & Old, which notably is out in February, it only serves as more concrete evidence that they are here for a long time to come.

The AA side of "Origins"/"Deep In The Woods" is out December 6 on 7" blue vinyl, thanks to the ever impressive Forest Family. Pre-order it from, Insound (US) and Rough Trade (UK).

*Edit, check out the new video for the single's flip side - "Deep In The Woods"