New Music: Gross Magic - Yesterdays

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Brighton's Gross Magic have unveiled "Yesterdays", the follow up to "Sweetest Touch", cementing the band as a formidable force within a fairly diluted grunge, or you might say "glunge", scene.

Grunge isn't exactly a strong point in the UK, in fact these days you could actually say the world. With that in mind, Gross Magic's summer release of "Sweetest Touch" caught a lot of people by surprise. A huge surprise at that.

Some people probably questioned the bands potential to build. "Yesterdays" even heavier emergence this week emphatically answers that question.

Taking the Teen Jamz EP and now "Yesterdays" into account, it's all the more obvious that a certain Mr McGarrigle has landed himself in a position of growing importance. Could we actually be witnessing the UK waking from it's ten year "Indie" slumber?

Listen to "Yesterdays" below, which will feature on an upcoming 12" featuring, Novella, Echo Lake and The History Of Apple Pie out via Marshall Teller. You can also catch the band playing at this weekends Constellations Festival in Leeds.