New Video: Southern Shores - Take Me Anywhere

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Southern Shores have a new video for "Take Me Anywhere" today, it was edited by the one and only, Jamie Harley and was created for Susan Lu / Bend Sport Couture along with Southern Shores.

We've just featured a Slow Magic remix of Sun Glitters earlier and now a new video for Southern Shores, it's like all our tropical fantasies have come together to form one massive orgy of 1FTP posts.

Apparently we're undergoing the usual "Indian summer", which we seem to have, but never have, every year. So far the predictions seem to be right though and with videos for "Take Me Anywhere" surfacing, it's only going to serve to make me even sicker, when we all come slamming down to the reality that reports were, as usual, Wrong.

But hey, were not pessimistic, lets enjoy this rarity while it lasts with a double dose of Southern Shores videos, Watch "Take Me Anywhere" and another video for "Meridian", both tracks come from the bands Atlantic EP which has been available to buy since July.