New Music: Money - The Sea

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From the ashes of Meke Menete, Youth and Books came MONEY, the Manchester group who gave us "Lonely Sexy Death" back in the early regions of 2011. This week they uploaded a new track for us to divulge, entitled "The Sea".

The band are an eclectic bunch, and ones that don't really follow common blog friendly law. Firstly, they have little to absolute zero web presence (bar a Tumblr page). Secondly, its feels like an age since we last heard from them.

"The Sea" is what you may expect, though. The angst driven falsetto cries, over a sparse, thudding bass drum and gentle piano keys.

"your just a fool in some fools game, condemned to 14 years under the sea" 

Perhaps pressing play while in a despondent mood may just push you over the edge, but on the other you may fully see its undeniable beauty.

Check back back on "Lonely Sexy Death" here ("Letter To Yesterday has since been removed from Youtube), watch the black and white war time footage for "The Sea" below.