New EP: Fixers - Imperial Goddess of Mercy

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The UK's closet thing to the Beach Boys on acid - Oxford's Fixers - return with news of EP number two,  'Imperial Goddess of Mercy'.

Yesterday they give away "Trans Love", a track that is indebted to Brian Wilson and 60's California, the repetitive hook of "Im in love with a tropical world" puts a new-age spin on their obvious influences. Elsewhere there is another new track, "Majesties Ranch", which debuted on Zane Lowe's BBC R1 show as 'the hottest record in the world'.

The latter there is far more flamboyant, with an abundance of swirling synths and vocal harmonies which create some kind of soaring kaleidoscope-type vortex, and follows suit of their debut EP highlight track "Crystals".

'Imperial Goddess of Mercy' is released on December 5th. "Trans Love", which is a free download via the bands Facebook page, & first single "Majesties Ranch" can be streamed below. Catch them playing at Cardiff's' SWN festival this weekend.