New Artist: Erika Spring - 6 More Weeks

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Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone, has been working on some solo material and has now seen her track "6 More Weeks" remixed by Tezeo.

Brooklyn native Erika, found herself writing new material after Au Revoir Simone were forced into a break, due to band mate Annie Hart's pregnancy.  Back in July she released her debut 7", well in fact it was a split 7" with Violens, but anyway, it was released through Friendly Fire Recordings.

"6 More Weeks" is basically a nice dose of hazy eletro pop accompanied by some effortless, shoegazey vocals. Erika's vocals remind me very much of Still Corners' Tessa Murray. Tezeo's remix isn't too far from the original, it just plays with the vocals a bit and beefs it up. Either way, both are brilliant.

You can watch the videos for both versions below.

Erika Spring "6 More Weeks" Tezeo Remix