New Material: The Golden Filter - Syndromes

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The Golden Filter are back with some new material, however the new material is for a short film, which will be a joint venture between the band and Norwegian director, Kristoffer Borgli.

The short film in question is SYNDROMES, it's due to be released on October 10, straight to DVD alongside the bands LP (soundtrack) The full package will be out through The Golden Filters label, Perfectly Isolated.

SYNDROMES focusses on a young girl finding herself unwillingly entwined in an elite underworld due to her mysterious talents.

Here's a nice quote from vocalist, Penelope:
"For anything creative, you should never be worried or wanting to know what anyone else is thinking,"
"You're just creating; that feeling of growing up and naïveté is very inspiring."

The trailer features the song, "Mother" which is a dark and sombre number, seemingly befitting of the film (obvious I know) Watch the trailer below and head on over to soundcloud to download "Mother" for free.